[-20% OFF] Cheese Masterclass @Voilà!


Mon 14 October | 07:00 PM
Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit


Cheese is another famous French export and is always enjoyed with a glass of fine wine. Diners enjoying the Mediterranean Buffet Dinner at Voilà! on Monday 14th October 2019 will have an opportunity to meet the Master of Cheese Patrice Marchand. Patrice will be conducting a ‘Cheese Master Class’ in the restaurant’s Fromagerie.

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THB 1,190++ -> THB 952++ (THB 1,120.50 net) per person for a Mediterranean Buffet Dinner along with the cheese Masterclass
Monday, 14 October 2019
From 7pm to 9pm
At Voilà!, 2nd Floor



PATRICE MARCHAND from Les Frères Marchand since 1880…

Our cheeses are carefully selected from a network of small dairy producers, spread across the countryside of France. The art to ripe cheese is a family and cultural heritage the compagny aims to preserve by supporting such small producers, sometimes still using artisanal practices.

Our common wish is to pass on the cheese knowledge to the next generations by teaching tradition, know-how and good and refined taste for the cheese delicacy. Our cheeses are our cultural identity, reflecting our past to be projected in the future.

Les Frères Marchand is first and foremore one of the oldest family-owned company specialized in ripe cheeses in the East of France.

The Marchand family has passed down its secrets, culinary passion, advocacy and love for ripe cheeses for the past 6 generations, and will continue to do so. Les Frères Marchand is a fraternal collaboration that combines the synergy of individual talents to continue the family legacy.

It is a world-wide legacy, a story of cheese passion shared globally. From Belgium to Italy, from Germany to Japan, Les Frères Marchand have been traveling all around the world to promote cheeses, their diversity, cultural heritage and history, while learning from other cultures to innovate on new cheeses to satisfy everyone palate.

It is a story of challenge : the world record of the largest display of cheese was achieved by Les Frères Marchand on 23 September 2016 in Nancy, France. The collected 720 sorts of cheeses produced by 200 small producers. This is the beginning. We can only grow from here, by inviting you to experience our cheeses.