Venue Details

Pyramid Yoga Center
58/34, moo 8
Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, 84280

Welcome to Sunday's Ecstatic Dance at Pyramid!

Entry 300 THB at the door until sold out or purchase online (until sat night)

DJs in MAY:
29  Jonny (Tribal Fusion)

DJs in JUNE:
5: Sandesh
12: Tristan G.
19: Shay Sunshay
26: Jonny (Tribal Fusion)


- LIMITED SPACE - in order to offer the best service possible we decided to keep the limit under 180. so first come first served.

- Food, cacao, drinks and drinking water will be available.

- Vendors of any items other than food are welcome to set their stalls in the area FREE of commission!!


Thanks for respecting that this is a drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, photo/video-free, talk-free space.

Ecstatic Dance is a form of Dance in which you are invited to use the music as a tool to let go and freely express your emotions ~ no matter what they are, love or sorrow, anger or bliss, sadness or happiness, just let everything out!!

We are all here to co-create a safe and magical space for everybody to be playful, wild, and to be able to step out of their own comfort zones.

There is nobody judging and no "right or wrong", you can either go crazy or sit in the middle of the dance floor, everything is welcome.

We will just remind everybody to respect each others space and ask for consent (using body language) to dance with others.
Playfulness is a key factor, then just let the music and your own body do the rest


Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
The following guidelines are typical of those followed at hundreds of conscious dances around the world, having been developed through community discussions and agreements over decades.

° Please note: This is a Safe and Sacred Space - drug & alcohol-free!
°° Be mindful of others' personal boundaries. Move freely in all directions/ respect all dance forms and the people around.
°°° It's a Non-verbal journey / with no mobile phones. together with love, we build a higher vibration.
°°°° Be clean. Please arrive fresh with a clean body and clothes, as some of us are sensitive to any scented products (including essential oils) or strong body odors.
°°°°° Be curious, open, and accepting. Please suspend judgments of self or others.
°°°°°° Please bring a refillable water bottle, there is free water.
Thank YOU 

Venue Details

Pyramid Yoga Center
58/34, moo 8
Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, 84280