SuperMoon Conscious Festival Koh Pangan Edition


Sat 07 December | 09:00 AM
Jaran's yoga-wellness-eatery

Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life. Don't feel the need to hold back or dampen your spirit! This is a time to celebrate. There is a feeling of dance and joy around you at this time as fully recognize your splendour. You are a sacred being who defies gravity every day just by being alive and brings a sense of balance and equality in the world.


Straight out of Ubud Bali, SuperMoon Conscious Party proudly presents Hoda Fadel Jackson Mullane Kalilah in Koh Pangan, Thailand!


Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery will be our sacred space for this whole day full of ecstatic goodness!


About Hoda Fadel

Having carved her way from the club DJ circuit into the expansiveness of the Ecstatic Dance arena, Hoda Fadel curates electric musical arcs through her sets conjuring up a love story with being alive in a human body, where celebration becomes a sacred and synarchic ritual. She likes to push the dance landscape to its wild edges, with deep and stirring warmups, intensifying buildups leading to cathartic and euphoric heights and then an inward snuggle with a final peak into the heart.


About Jackson Mullane

Jackson Mullane writes deeply emotional and poignant classical piano compositions. His music ferries listeners on an imaginative and uplifting odyssey leaving them moved and inspired. Jackson was never trained classically, and so he retains a stirring quality that is usually lost to intellectualization.



9AM - 1030AM Morning Yoga by Kalilah
11AM - 1PM Morning Ecstatic Dance by Sandesh Poin

LUNCH BREAK - Healthy buffet by Jaran's Yoga-Wellness-Eatery

3 PM -430PM Rebirthing Breathwork by Kalilah


6PM - 7PM Power Kirtan with Akari & Herman
6.00PM Cacao Ceremony Leeliu and Kalilah
7.30PM -10PM Ecstatic Dance with Hoda Fadel
10.00PM Sound Meditation by Jackson Mullane
11PM Cuddles